Two seater personal 60 mph Hovercraft

What can go over sand, water, snow grass, and even mud? No it’s not wind but it’s the Two Person 60 MPH Hovercraft from Hammacher Schlemmer. It’s unbelievably believable. Able to reach locations traditional watercraft cannot access, this personal hovercraft travels briskly over water and land, powered by a 60-horsepower gasoline engine and an efficient 12-volt battery. The two-cycle, two-cylinder air-cooled engine’s powerful 36″ pulley-driven fan keeps the craft aloft on an 8″ cushion of air while propelling it forward at speeds up to 60 miles per hour (top speed is dependent on the route’s surface conditions and operator’s skill). A handlebar-style tiller allows the rider to control the direction and speed. 60 separate nylon/Hypalon coated skirt segments providing a durable base. It is even able to climb small, smooth inclines up to 20%.

It includes a convenient electric starter, 16″ windshield, six-gallon fuel tank, tachometer, 30″ tunnel pad, and two durable aluminum skid rails on the bottom hull. All of this for $14,000. Now this isn’t too much for this all-rounder and I am not referring to the shape.