Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors renders unmatched sound for a price

Ultimate Ears has teamed up with Capitol Records to create what can be touted as one of the best headphones till date. Dubbed the Ear Reference Monitors, these exquisite headphones boast of not just aesthetic mastery but technical genius as well. Designed for studio use and for the serious music listener or audiophile, these headphones comprise of three proprietary balanced armature speakers. Providing up to -32 dB of noise isolation, they allow its user to record and mix anytime, anywhere. Offering a one of a kind listening experience, the music is being reproduced and delivered directly from the source into one’s ears. The other features of these high-tech headphones include a rugged low profile, low distortion cable, dual acoustically tuned sound channels and multiple passive crossover points.

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Featuring the Capitol Studios logo on the right monitor and the Ultimate Ears logo on the left monitor, these headphones with a black faceplate are priced expensively at $1000. What is more, you can also personalize your headphones by opting for the customization service which lets you choose from a variety of shell colors and also add your individual; artwork. For more information on these high end, high tech headphones, click here.

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