Ultimate Ears offers Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones

Feel the music! If you love music and want to hear every sonic tone and musical layer like a professional sound engineer, then you need the triple.fi 10 Pro earphones. Musicians put their hearts, their souls, their breakups, their memories, and their passions into every song and they count on Ultimate Ears products to get the most out of their music. Get yourself the triple.fi 10 Pro so that you too can hear music the way it is meant to be heard! Ultimate Ears has released the triple.fi 10 Pro earphones featuring three individually balanced armature speakers per ear, customizable ear tips, noise isolation, flexible ear loops, low friction cable, sound attenuator, earphone cleaning tool, and metallic travel case. The first 1,000 Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro earphones will come in a Collector’s Edition kit.

Each exclusive pair will come in an engraved mini-travel case marked with the limited edition number and also ships with a larger engraved metal case that can also hold an iPod. The first 1,000 units will also come with a certificate of authenticity and a limited-edition poster, with accessories including a five-piece fit kit to adapt the earphones to different ear shapes, a 1/4-inch adapter jack, a cleaning tool, and an attenuator. Hear the difference for just $399.

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