Ultrasone: “World’s Best Headphones”

You buy it in America, its hand made in Germany, the Ear pads and Headband pad made from Ethiopian hair sheep. It spans around three continents; maybe that’s why they are the “Worlds Best” headphones! Whatever the reasons, the specs of Edition 9 are good. Made from Titanium the Closed-back headphones have Black Chrome plated ear cups. They are 6,3 mm gold plated and weigh without cord 310 g. Handmade in Germany Ultrasone’s S-Logic technology “reduces sound pressure to the eardrums by an astonishing 40%, while delivering the listener an amazing natural surround sound effect.” The Nameplates are chrome-plated brass. Cathy Kelly, President of ULTRASONE of America, LLC explains that the company’s “collectors series, beginning with the Edition 7 release 2 years ago, will appeal to the true audiophile, and symbolizes our commitment to headphones. We build only headphones, and we build the best.”

This collector’s edition costs $1500.

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