Under-desk heater to keep your legs toasty warm for winters

During the excessive cold of the winter months, even cuddling up in the warmest Turkey quilt doesn’t work because your body is warmed up but what about the poor legs? They stay as cold as the chilled marble floors. So what if the legs are the lower-most part of the body, they can’t be neglected (at least during winters, don’t bother yourself with pedicures) And you obviously can’t be wearing slippers all the time at home, makes no sense. I often used to be left racking my brains for a solution to warm up my legs but to no avail. But some good guy attempted to keep me warm finally. Here comes the under-desk heater which radiates heat to keep the legs toasty warm.

The manufacturers say that the heater will provide enough heat so it travels all the way up to your entire body. Now I can say, warm winters should last forever.