Unique Swarovski crystal studded Sennheiser Mics

There just seems no end to the gadgets getting a Swarovski crystal makeover. Here is another amazing device that has fallen prey to this crystal trend. Known as the Sennheiser Mics, they are customized mics by the company Sennheiser. These unique pieces are available in one-color, two-color, and multi-color versions along with an option to choose the style and design on the two color and three color versions. And yes if you love crystals, the design can fit up to 2300 Swarovski crystals! There’s even a 6-month warranty on the crystals! A great gift for that music diva in the making, it will definitely match her style.

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The multi-color is $999, the two-colors is $799, and just a single color is $699. They are also offering skins to go on the mic for $49.95 per skin (for those who cant afford the high priced ones). So if you think, this is where you need to invest your hard earned money, go on, we aren’t criticizing.

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