USB Key 4GO is the most exclusive and exquisite storage device

There is just no shortage of USB devices in the market, but this latest one is definitely exclusive, making it a must have for many. So exquisite is this USB key that it promises to open doors to a vast amount of luxuries. Commissioned by Parnesse D’Orange, (a VIP Concierge Service based in France), designer Robert Stadler was asked to create the unique USB Key 4GO. Expertly designed in the shape of a question mark, this charming USB device is definitely a winner. The limited-edition storage device even includes 3 exclusive VIP services that Parnasse offers. With so many treats on offer, this key’s storage capacity seems to be of no importance.

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Priced at €1000 ($1,263) and exclusively sold at Colette, it promises to woo not just the people in France but also luxury lovers from all over the world.

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