Vela Range Hood accommodates a built-in LCD too

Finding a TV in the kitchen is the last thing that should surprise you. Cooking generally is more than an hour’s job for most people and that could be particularly long if all you can think of is cooking food, eating with family, and crash onto your bed. If you are worried about where your Range Hood goes after you stack up against your TV on the countertop, then it ain’t going nowhere because the Vela Range Hood has a built-in LCD TV. Made from high-quality stainless steel and featuring touch screen controls, Vela Range Hood from ILVE is quite a thing to own in your kitchen.

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Vela Range Hood is devised by Italian designer Marco Valerio Agretti and it features four speeds and an automatic switch-on with speed regulation. The management of the washable anti-grease filter is looked after by the light indicator.

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