Verity Sarastro II speakers flaunt a tag of $40,000 plus

I came across one more high-end and pricey (unaffordable for folks like me) speaker at Audiojunkies – the new Verity Sarastro II speaker. Featuring enhanced efficiency, dynamics, power, and bandwidth you can dig in for more superior sound quality. It uses a resonance-free aluminum foil ribbon tweeter, a 6″ midrange, and an 11″ woofer, all of which are custom-made and proprietary to Verity. As in all of Verity’s two-piece cabinet designs, the woofer is mounted in a rear-firing, rear-ported configuration.

The Sarastro II’s frequency response is rated at 20Hz – 60kHz, with 93dB/W/m sensitivity. Power handling is claimed from 18 watts to “unlimited”. Starting from $40,000 onwards, prices keep escalating with other veneers available at an additional charge.