Vertu and Holaverse team up to create an exclusive Hola Launcher for the New Signature Touch smartphone

As if Vertu’s smartphones aren’t special enough, the British manufacturer has decided to push things up a notch and unveil an exclusive Android OS UI launcher for its phones. Vertu teamed up with mobile app developer Holaverse to create this customized version of the hugely popular Hola Launcher app. The launcher will first show up on Vertu’s New Signature Touch smartphone and will be made available for the Aster and previous generation Signature Touch products later this year. This is the first time the Hola Launcher will appear on a Vertu device and the luxury smartphone manufacturer selected it, owing to its enhanced functionality and personalization options.

To keep things unique, Vertu has added an analogue clock to the launcher. The Vertu Life and Concierge widgets are located on the left side of the screen. Hola Launcher’s “Smart Folders” keep all the third-party apps in place on the right side of the screen. Apart from all of this, the Gestures features also offer additional customization and personalization options. The conventional Hola Launcher that can be installed on other Android phones has recorded over one hundred million downloads since its launch, only a year ago. It’s no surprise that Vertu has quickly caught on to the trend with its own unique Hola Launcher version.

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