Vertu Ti the $10,000 Android phone

Vertu has carved a niche for itself as a brand for luxury mobile phones that are a hit with those who favor decadence. The latest Vertu Ti stays true to this maxim but is it really any good? This Android-powered smartphone boasts a titanium chassis and a sapphire-crystal screen with an 8-megapixel camera and an LED flash. Added benefits include Vertu’s white-glove Concierge service, Life, an app that offers articles and tailored information to suit you, and Certainty, which is like a cloud storage service for backing up your phone.

The Ti starts at $9,600 for the black leather version, $11,500 for a ‘Pure Black’ model, $12,800 for a ‘Black Alligator,’ and a staggering $19,900 the Titanium Red Gold Mixed Metals. With a host of questionably better-looking and functioning smartphones ruling the market at more affordable price points, it looks like the Ti is not really going to find many takers.





[Vertu via Cnet]

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