Vertu to be sold off again!

We reminisce the time when we were introduced to Vertu phones, very early in the smartphone legacy. These came in as elaborately designed and specially loaded phones that could not only live up to be a status symbol, but also be one that could protect the data of their high-profile owners. Nokia brought this series into existence and rolled out some rather impressive pieces through their glory years. But with the decline of Nokia’s hold on the global smartphone market came the resounding fall of the Vertu line.

In 2012, the Finnish company sold brand Vertu and also caused the laying off of several employees. Some senior members of the company were subject to a major reshuffle and things were quite headline-worthy back then. While Nokia did hold a 10 percent stake in the company, we didn’t see too many impressive pieces rolling in from the luxury line.

The Vertu line, as fate has it, is in line for yet another sale. A group of Chinese investors will be buying it over from the current operations company. The existing CEO Massimiliano Pogliani will be stepping down. However, the company has assured that the 450 + staff employed in the company’s UK wing will have their jobs intact.

What could this mean? Based on a report from a few months ago, there was word that Vertu would be entering the wearable gizmo market. We do see China as a fantastic home ground to make this a reality, faster.

[ Via : Ubergizmo ]

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