Vertu Constellation Smile phone sale will support cleft lip and palate surgeries for children

Disorders like cleft lips or cleft palates today have left thousands of children around the globe stricken, many of who are underprivileged and are in dire need of corrective surgery. Now, luxury mobile phone brand Vertu, owned by Finnish manufacturer Nokia, has unveiled a new initiative, planned to have children suffering from disorders as such smiling again. The brand will provide one free corrective surgery to a child suffering from such a disorder for every Constellation Smile handset sold! Begun in partnership with Smile Train, the initiative kicked off a global launch event on the 12th of June in London with the phone’s unveiling.

As for the Vertu Constellation Smile handset, the phone comes with a vulcanized rubber body and is hand-crafted, available in four colors packing a multi-touch sapphire screen and a ear-pleasing sound system.

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