Vertu’s Signature Touch Pure Jet Red Gold priced at $21,900 is a stunning piece of mobile craftsmenship

Vertu’s Signature touch is the epitome of suave elegance and refinement in technology. The company, while retaining a fundamental philosophy of engineering aesthetically bold looking handsets, refrains from the outlandish and garish materials that some would include merely to add a touch of uniqueness (for lack of a better term) to their offerings. Forget about the precious stone studded overly gaudy, gold handsets, Vertu’s latest addition to the Signature Touch series is Pure Jet Red Gold that is as debonair and classy as they come.

vertu-pure-jet-red-gold-7Although the specifications of the handset remain unchanged from the others in the series, like the recently reviewed Jet Calf edition, and doesn’t bear an exclusive seal like the Vertu for Bentley special edition, the Pure Jet Red Gold is just as ostentatious as either one, if not more so. It features the same sleek design with a 4.7-inch full-HD display, 13MP Hasselblad camera, and audio capabilities enhanced by B&O. What’s different here are the solid red gold highlights – volume control keys, power/lock key and black ceramic pillow support. Also constructed with Grade 5 titanium sides and a black PVD-coated titanium back plate, the handset comes with the same highly refined ‘fine-mill’ calf leather, sourced from the Alpine region of Europe.

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vertu-pure-jet-red-gold-8Vertu’s world renowned services like Concierge, Life and Certainty are also part of what goes into making even the Pure Jet Red Gold a handset to covet. Priced at a hefty $21,900, the Pure Jet Red Gold is technology that one buys simply to say – Yes, I am just that rich!

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