Vesaro debuts the world’s first modular commercial grade simulator system

Hardcore gaming enthusiasts can now look forward to the ultimate racing sim experience, courtesy of Vesaro. Vesaro has introduced the world’s first modular commercial grade simulator system. Offering cutting-edge realistic sim action, Vesaro allows gamers the chance to adapt the ultra-strong central core rig from the mid-range set up to a professional training simulator. Moreover, Vesaro allows the buyers to configure their own Vesaro Rig before they place their orders.

The Systems are compatible with racing titles for Xbox, PS3, PC, and any other gaming format you may own. The advanced modular rig allows gamers to add up to three displays to the rig, thereby ensuring gamers have an ultimate racing experience. Currently, the simulator is available in two editions, the Vesaro 1 V Core Black and the Vesaro 1 Motion R Black.
Prospective buyers can customize their Vesaro Rig through an online configurator. Custom options range from Cobra Monoco, Misano, and Evolution Pro Racing Seats; to a Buttkicker tactile feedback system, a 5.1 Surround sound bracket system with 5.1 surround sound audio package, steering and pedal sets from Logitech G27, Fanatec, and Thrustmaster, a D-box Motion physics system, a Single Monitor bracket or a triple monitor stand, a mouse pad holder bracket and a keyboard holder bracket.
Sure to not disappoint when it comes to offering the ultimate gaming experience, the Vesaro 1 V Core Black can be purchased for £1,074 ($1684) while the Vesaro 1 Motion R Black can be purchased for £11,478 ($18,005).
[Vesaro via Automotto]

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