VibroGym unveils the Swarovski-crystal studded Diamond VG Evolution vibrating platform exercise machine

Want to take the attention away from your sweat soaked clothes and exhausted face while working out, then simply bust all your fat on the Diamond VG Evolution vibrating platform exercise machine. Covered or rather drenched in Swarovski crystals, there is no way anyone will take their eyes off this glittering creation. A product of VibroGym, this vibrating plate is sure to add that sparkle to your work out (although I wonder why anyone would need glitter while working out in the first place). A must have for bling lovers, VibroGym claims the plates vibrating at between 30 and 50HZ reach muscles that no other vibrating plates in the market reach. So besides the glamour you can expect some calorie burning as well! The plates that you stand on drop and then rise very fast, thus your muscles continually contract.

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A glitzy machine, it has an asking price of a whopping £43,000 ($69,381).