Vin au Verre – Stylish Wine Dispensing Unit from EuroCave

These days, a bottle of good wine can be preserved if you know the value of proper wine storage and preservation. Unlike earlier times, when once the foil was pierced, the bottle was lost. With Vin au Verre, you won’t get an excuse to guzzle down the whole bottle at one go. From EuroCave, Vin au Verre is a refrigerated serving unit, enabling you to keep 8 bottles ready to serve and to store an additional 8 bottles at the perfect serving temperature. Vin au Verre, a synonym of “wine with glass” in French can preserve your wine for up to three weeks and the dispenser uses inert nitrogen gas under low pressure to push the wine out of the bottle through the spigot, thereby controlling oxidation to keep your wine tasteful. Combining class and distinction, its elegant appearance blends with every style of decor, and its double pane glass display case with LED lighting ensures optimum insulation and provides a perfect presentation for your fine wines.

Fabricated in France, this sophisticated unit retails for $5,495.

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