Virtuoso Violin plays by itself

Who says you have to practice for years to sound like a professional musician? The world’s first self-playing violin has been tracked down! It’s called the “Virtuoso” and it works with an electromagnetic system that does the same job as fingers on the strings. A string blade vibrates powerfully between two magnets and it’s those vibrations that produce each distinct musical note. It is controlled by the QRS “Chili” controller, enabling the violin to play duets with your piano in perfect volume balance. Check out this video after the jump-

If you do not have an acoustic piano, the built-in sound module on your Chili controller will provide the piano accompaniment. The Virtuoso Violin is mounted on a satin black pedestal that brings out the beauty of this fine instrument. For a sum of $ 17,500 this much fantasized violin can replace your music system to give that bona fide ambiance.

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