VisionRacer D-Box VR3 makes racing an indoor activity!

If you’ve been looking for a great way to drive without having to step out of your abode, this racing simulator is bound to leave you satisfied. More than just a game controller coupled with a race-car-like chair for desktop computers, the VisionRacer D-Box VR3 sports D-Box motion actuators to replicate the feeling of driving a car through twists, turns, and over bumps. Using an aluminum CNC cut motion platform and packing a steering wheel, three pedals as well as a shift lever, the VisionRacer D-Box VR3 assures complete virtual gaming satisfaction, giving you the sensation of driving a real car! Priced at about $21,695, we certainly hope this extraordinary computer peripheral comes with a seat-belt. You wouldn’t want to be flung off your computer seat when your virtual car hits a bump in the road after all!

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