Voodoo Envy H:171claims to be the Most Powerful Gaming Notebook

Voodoo is out with its hottest gaming notebook called the Voodoo Envy H:171 and they are calling it as the most powerful 17” gaming notebook on the market. I’m sure they aren’t making any fake claims! They state, ‘The Envy H:171 form factor is a complete desktop replacement laptop with the latest options you need to take your mobile gaming and multimedia to great heights. ’ It actually incorporates an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor, a Dual NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GPU, and a whopping 600GB of disk space spread across three 200GB HDDs. Besides being optimized to offer a superior gaming performance, the Voodoo notebook can also be used as a digital media center so you can create/edit/view movies.

The Voodoo Envy H:171 is not too light at 11.9Lbs and the price tag is also a bit heavy as it starts at $5,000 and the best version costs $8,000.

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