Vutec Screen can be concealed in cabinet

If you are plagued by the problem of teenagers trying their hands at baseball, which results in broken LCDs every time your little tyke scores a home run, then here’s something that can provide some relief. The Vutec Screen cabinets allow for complete concealment of the precious LCD screens giving the cabinet a totally new look. The cabinet can conceal 92”, 103” or 110” screens without much of a bother. This can surely add the spice to your wannabe hi-fi household. The screen itself is internally tensioned Vu-Flex-Pro fabric and can be controlled using low-voltage, IR, and RF remote controls. If the readymade designs aren’t pleasing enough then you can always customize your cabinet, thanks to Vutec. The prices of the Vutec Screen cabinets vary based on the size and amount of customizations.