Vuzix Star 1200 headset delivers augmented reality with style

Augmented reality has been quite popular with everyone, thank to Hollywood flicks like Terminator and Robocop. Moreover the Android phenomenon on smartphones is making sure everyone can experience it for real though various apps. But if you want a bit more real and refined experience the Vuzix’s Star 1200 is a good place to start with. The headset priced at $5,000 offers a stylish set of glasses that enables you to “see” things that are not really there on a 75-inch virtual screen and fits over almost any prescription glasses.

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You can adjust the fit of the glasses as per your requirement, with features like Accutilt display angle adjustment, an adjustable nose bridge and comes with a tether strap for secure fit. Moreover, you can also pick from three removable noise-isolating earphone styles that fit you right. I bet augmented reality never felt so real and chic before.
[Engadget] Via – [Vuzix]

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