Walkman Abiste E010 for some jazzy music time

Looks are always sought after……more by women in case of gadgets. And so, Sony is trying to allure women by blinging its E-seires MP3 players. They do look like a lipstick case with a crystal studded cap. But again that’s the ploy. Christened as the new Walkman Abiste E010, they are presented in classy shades of blue, gold, pink, purple and black. Each player will be available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities, and will feature a three-line color LCD so you can see what’s playing. It also sports a clip-on lanyard same matching stones that can be attached to your bag or jeans pocket.

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Available for pre-order in Japan, the E010 is a joint venture with Japanese jeweller Abiste and costs ¥15,800 ($128) for 1GB, ¥18,800 ($150) for 2GB and ¥24,800 ($200) for 4GB. Sporting a healthy 30-hour battery life, you can garb them from September.