Wall of Sound: World’s biggest iPod speaker for $4,500

All you music buffs who have a fascination for everything BIG, the biggest iPod speaker in the world is sure to make you go crazy! Christened the Wall of Sound, this gigantic speaker from Brothers of Stockholm weighs 102 kilos (225 pounds), stands almost a meter tall, and 1.25 meters wide can rock up to around 125 watts! The Wall of Sound is hand-built and comprises 28 individual speakers, each housed in their own chamber. The BIG speaker has a tube amplifier hidden away inside and a tiny docking station on one side for your iPod. Your iPod will look like an ant next to this gigantic speaker. An amazing creation, you had better make sure your neighbors are away before you crank up the volume of this speaker. The world’s most powerful speaker, it is sure to redefine the term ‘Loud.’

Highly priced at $4,500, the Wall of Sound is available on pre-order here.

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