Watch out Dr.Dre – Pioneer’s $2,600 SE-Master1 premium headphones are here

Personal audio has never been more popular and audiophiles as well as those who just don’t like skimping on their AV equipment and strive for quality will certainly appreciate the latest entrant into this space – the Pioneer SE-Master1. Pioneer didn’t just seem to just want to make an impression on your auditory senses but also strived to make these headphones a palpable fashion statement as well. Look out Beats, there’s a new headphone Sheriff in town!

Using state-of-the-art materials and audio components, the Pioneer SE-Master1 promises to be one of the best options in the headphones segment this season. Each set is actually handmade to add that streak of exclusivity. The SE-Master1 has been designed especially for today’s high-resolution music formats so naturally, they feature some pretty high-end equipment all finished with a Parker Ceramic Coating to help ensure that your music experience is as good as it can get. And just to make them look and feel as premium as they would sound, Pioneer has also incorporated duralumin, aluminium and leather into the individually numbered units. The icing on top is the three meter long cable with a gold plated plug.
So how much would all of this cost; this high-resolution audio supported product with its super chic design constructed with premium materials? The price tag on the SE-Master1 is a whopping $2,600 (£1,700). Perhaps Beats doesn’t quite have much to worry about here, as the cost could put Pioneer’s offering a little out of reach from the average music aficionado looking for good quality audio and place them in the higher range of the true audiophiles who are quite outnumbered. Nonetheless, Pioneer’s offering is nothing short of classy and vastly capable of delivering a great experience, they’ve just chosen a slightly different path from glossy and colourful.

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