Watch the latest blockbusters in the comfort of your home with this $40k cinema system

It’s quite possible that your elaborate home theater system trounces the promise of any movie theater in your vicinity. Be it comfort, convenience or even the popcorn flavors, it’s always better at home. But until now the only delights you could treat yourself to, were old releases. Prima Cinema comes in to give movie-watchers a treat they have always dreamed of.

At $35,000 you can now access current-release movies from the cosy confines of your dwelling space. By this we mean release-day shows! It would cost you $500 but that’s the level of exclusivity you can enjoy in your home theater. 3D movies could cost you $600. The system comprises of a rack-mounted player that automatically downloads movies and displays them over HDMI. You can be rest assured that the picture and Dolby TrueHD sound quality will match that of the finest theaters. To keep away from splurges by a curious visitor you also have a biometric security protection.
On the downside, you are required to buy 10 movies at the start. This may add another $5k to the bill of $35,000 but then again, it’s an investment to justify the true functionality of a true home theater. What’s also rather curious but surely well thought of is the fact that the system stops functioning as soon as it is moved from the place it is setup.

The studios are happy as the system takes care of all the DRM parameters required. Users are happy because visiting movie theaters is too 2015.

[ Via : Uncrate ]

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