Waterfall Audio hits U.S. shores with $54,000 Niagara tower speaker

Waterfall Audio is a renowned company selling handcrafted glass speakers in more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia. Now Waterfall Audio is all set to enter the American territory with its lineup of glass speakers introduced to the U.S. market by AVR Distributing. The lineup includes transparent sound and transparent speaker cabinets in a portfolio of glass-cabinet in-room and on-wall speakers. The company, which makes speakers named after famous waterfalls, uses a proprietary safety-glass fabrication technique to create seamless speakers with invisible corners. The brand’s new flagship Niagara tower speaker is probably one of the best speakers in their lineup. This beautiful tower speaker reflects the views of a pool and Florida’s Biscayne Bay.

The women who are instantly drawn by the Niagara tower speaker’s beauty, while its powerful performance attracts more men. A luxurious item, the Niagara glass speakers, are priced expensively at $54,000 a pair.

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