Waterfield iPod Hi-Fi Speaker Case

Now we all know how much does a swank iPod cost. And if you have got one from your allowance and hard-earned money you need to stretch yourself a little to take proper care of it too. Prevention of scratches and abrasions becomes top-priority. On second thoughts, if you can afford spending oodles on your gadget why not a Lil bit on the case. And if it is the Waterfield iPod Hi-Fi Speaker Case, it’s a cherry on the cake. It’s a fully padded travel case with space for all your iPod gear. Provides play-through functionality. A solid plate of impact-resistant plastic protects the front grill and speakers, and a comfortable shoulder strap helps lighten the load. It is made from sturdy ballistic nylon and high-density foam. Includes five exterior pockets. To play, just tuck the front flap into the rear of the case behind the speaker, plug in the power cord, and drop in your iPod.

Concerned about the size and weight? So here is some dope on that. Its outer dimensions are 19.5″ x 8.0″ x 8.0 and it weighs 1.7 pounds to be precise. Now comes the real deal, it costs $149 only. Not too much to pouch your iPod and that too such a chic one.

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