Waterproof Aquavision Tv

How in the world do people come up with such ideas? I can understand about the species that have a lot of money and would love to spend on a bathroom TV. Well, this product s highly recommended for you. Well, the idea here is not to use it in your bathtub, but to hang it on the wall in damn places. The specialty is that it comes with a heated screen to prevent misting or freezing, as well as its own splash-proof floating remote control. Its slim profile allows it to be easily fitted into any wall – the basic 17-inch widescreen unit is a mere six centimeters thick.

Available in a range of five screen sizes from 15 to 40 inches, the Aquavision television comes in three finishes: black, white, and the special Mirror Vision finish, which turns it into a near-perfect mirror when the screen is switched off. Let me tell you haven’t yet heard of the price but this thing cost a bomb.

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