Welcome the Paralenz: A dive Camera for the perfect underwater selfies

The Selfie craze has taken half the nation in its stride and hence it’s no news to often catch people clicking selfies in the most bizarre of locations and situations. From restaurants to pools, and mountains to ocean coasts, the Selfie fever is gradually spreading everywhere. So much so that it has even reached waterbeds! In giving a new angle to underwater photography, certain very ingenious minds have created and recently unveiled the Paralenz: A dive Camera that lets you capture the best selfies underwater!

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Built specifically for underwater use, the Paralenz boasts of a unique pressure gauge that makes clicking even under the deepest of waters easy as it auto adjusts the white-balance per the depth of the water. Its’s clever design further facilitates simplified controls with the help of robust buttons that can seamlessly be operated in aquatic conditions. And what’s more, the Paralenz also comes with a one of its kind Underwater Selfie Stick that can easily be strapped to your waist, allowing you to snap away to glory!

Apart from making underwater selfie clicks a simple task, the Paralenz is also perfect for capturing videos that are as crystal clear as the waters you plan to swim in! It additionally offers a series of attractive attachments for your scuba mask and gear, thus helping you seize your precious underwater moments forever! Scuba and Selfies addicts, would you’ll fancy buying this uber-cool underwater camera?


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