What if Lamborghini designed an electric shaver

If you’ve looked closely at the Dark Knight, you’d notice a baby-clean jawline. Much of what’s revealed on the masked vigilantes body reveals that he sure pays mind to his ‘close shaves’ before sliding down that pole into his ride. Speaking about close shaves and rides of the infamous Bruce Wayne, we can plainly guess what’s the inspiration behind this cool Lamborghini Aventador-themed electric razor.

lamborghini-electric-shaver-concept-1Designed by Marko Petrovic, this concept shaver extends the line of Lamborghini-themed accessories which are increasingly evident on blogosphere. It has the rightly accentuated ridges and bends that are reminiscent of the Italian carmakers design sense. In fact, it mimics that car’s design to an extent where it adopts the Aventendor’s characteristic air intakes and the top of the engine compartment. On the color front, not many lumbersexuals would bend towards an orange razor for that life-altering shave. But when you’re talking the Lamborghini orange, it’s got a flavor in itself and hey, the Italized name scribbled on the trunk is nothing near miss-worthy.

lamborghini-electric-shaver-concept-4In observing the beauty of the orange we couldn’t miss the remarkably balanced usage of the carbon black across the body. The bottom unit acts as a charger and misses no opportunity to decorate the celebrated brand. It’s all a concept at the end of the day but I could do with test driving one.


[Via – Tuvie]

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