Whirlpool’s Centralpark Connection-Absolute entertainment in the kitchen

The kitchen is no longer the place where you find the woman of the house toiling over a pot full of porridge. It’s the meeting ground for the whole family where they break bread together after a hard day’s work. Early in the morning, it’s the hub of before-leaving-home-for-the-day-activities. Mine is no different, my fridge is covered with post-it reminders. It even sports a list of telephone numbers in case of emergencies. But the most prized item on the fridge door is the family photos. Now imagine a refrigerator that is sensitive to all these abovementioned needs and more. Sounds too good to be true, but Whirlpools Centralpark Connection refrigerator is loaded with a host of entertainment options to make life more comfortable at the hub of your house. With the Central park technology integrated into this new line of refrigerators, you can charge and play a wide variety of electronic devices, including an MP3 player, cell phone, satellite radio, and DVD player without using up precious countertop space. The entire family can stay connected via an interactive message board, a Web tablet, or a family calendar (you won’t need those post-its anymore). The innovative design complements any kitchen interior.

Whirlpool’s Centralpark Connection will come out in fall this year.

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