Why NAS is a must-have for professionals working from home

As the world continues to embrace working from home in the new normal, several nuances began to emerge. Firstly, self-reliance. By this, we mean relying on infrastructure that you own and manage and set up, with little to no knowledge of how to do so. It has to be robust, work well, keep your stuff safe, keep it accessible, and most importantly, not die on you – because you have just lost that get-out-of-jail ‘call-the-IT-guy’ card. Secondly, you need something that is portable, because your home setup isn’t going to be how it was on the first day of the lockdown, will it? Nana’s armchair could have all the right props, but she isn’t going to schedule her knitting sessions as per your Zoom sessions, is she?

To answer both the dire, inevitable needs, several professionals turned to NAS or Network-Attached Storage setups. So what are these and why are we speaking about it in the wake of Cloud storage systems? Most importantly, NAS ensures that all your data is under your purview. It isn’t stored somewhere in the meta-physical abyss behind the shroud of a thousand protective algorithms. It’s on your desk. Literally. A NAS backup is more reliable than storing your precious photographs, media, documents, and even work, on local systems. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and other operating systems that send all your stored data directly to the storage system, ensuring that physical and technical challenges and damages do not cause loss of data.

What’s interesting is that NAS backup systems are compatible with PCs and other computers as well as personal devices such as tablets and smartphones. You can connect with all the devices within your household so that everyone’s data is safely stored and easily accessible, on-demand. Many view it as overkill or too expensive to set up a NAS storage system at home, but when you think about the long term, it saves costs on all those cloud subscriptions, which are not even under your complete control. You generally get a dedicated app on your phone or smart device that helps you make backing up and retrieval of data simple and convenient.

The pandemic has been hard on us and we have enough reason to safeguard our interests to the best of our abilities. Professionals in the financial domain, artists, handlers of legal and intellectual property, government employees, and more, can truly benefit from something as reliable as this. And this has been recognized by many. The sales of NAS systems saw a sharp rise during the pandemic because that one vital resource needs to be protected by all costs for in it could lie the secret to the future and life itself – data.

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