Will.i.am and Gucci reveal early prototype for a 3G enabled smartband

Will.i.am is quickly establishing his status as a much sought-after product designer these days. On the heels of his collaboration with Coca Cola comes the announcement that the multi-talented musician will be working alongside luxury brand Gucci to develop a new smartband which will operate independently of a phone. The smartband will have a range of features including a front-facing camera for video calling on the move, a heart-rate sensor, temperature sensor and GPS. The 3G-enabled band will be able to make calls, send texts and connect to social networks without access to a phone. It will also be capable of storing music, maps and calendars etc.

While the final look of the smartband has not yet been decided, Will.i.am and Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri were wearing early prototypes at the Baselworld watch fair where they discussed this new project. “A lot of people are creating wearable devices from a tech background. Gucci has been putting things on your body for years. [Wearable tehnology] is being dictated by the wrong folks. We like to call it fashionology. It’s where fashion and technology meet,” said will.i.am. Supposedly the smartwatch has been in the works for four years.

A while ago, will.i.am had introduced a very similar smartband alongside the Puls which was not very well received. Here’s hoping, that for will, the second time’s the charm!

[Via – Cnet]

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