Wisdom’s Infinite Grande speakers will be around for this Christmas

Wisdom’s Infinite Grande speakers will fill your space with sweet-loving music and enthrall you with crisp, clear sounds. These magnificent speakers employ three stacked planar-magnetic arrays and eight-foot tall subwoofers. Weighing 3,800 pounds, the system stands thirteen feet tall. For those who have the inclination and the bucks to enjoy lavish pleasures, the Infinite Grande bridges the gap between only hi-fi and the sound of the real thing. The system is capable of producing sound pressure levels in excess of 120 dB, but plays loud without generating ear shattering distortion. The large subwoofer towers house a total of twenty-four 12-inch woofers.

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Wisdom’s Infinite Grande sell for $7000 and their upcoming Sage will start selling for 10K per pair.