World’s first 24 carat Gold Sony Xperia Z unveiled in Dubai

Gold & Co., a renowned brand that has a reputation for dressing devices in the most opulent of attires, yet again gives us a new offering. This time, it’s not the iPad, iPad 3 or the iPhone 5, it’s an android smartphone – the Sony Xperia Z, which has been cloaked in 24kt gold. Today, the company has launched this phone in Dubai at the Collector’s Palace, which is located in Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall. To carry the completely custom-made phone that is now a perfect blend between luxury and technology, Gold & Co. has packaged the 24kt gold Xperia Z into a sophisticated wooden box. Each phone sports a $3295 price tag, has been individually numbered and comes with a guaranteed certificate of authenticity.

After the day’s launch, the 24kt gold Xperia Z would soon find its way to markets worldwide through certified Gold & Co. outlets, namely Evolve Lifestyle Group India and the G&C London office in Hong Kong among the numerous worldwide stores.

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[Via – Gold-and-Co]

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