World’s largest LCD display introduced by Sharp measures a staggering 108 inches

Sharp, the world’s leading flat-panel LCD display technology corporation has announced the launching of the 108” LCD display (largest one produced so far) in the middle-east at Gitex 2008 (Dubai). The full HD 1080p (1920*1080) is specifically distinguished as being a display and not a TV. Its fanless design reduces the intake of dust and it is also equipped with an array of inputs including HDMI and DV-I connectors for greater connectivity with a wide variety of equipment and devices.

While the device could be claimed as commercially viable, it wouldn’t be reasonable to call it eco-friendly, although Sharp has pointed out that the display is made in an uber-green facility in Kameyama (Japan) The appreciable feature is it’s relative “low power” (1130W) B&H takes orders for $150,000.

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