World’s most expensive USB key unveiled by La Maison Shawish

La Maison Shawish had us holding our breath when it created the world’s first ring made entirely of diamonds. And if you think Shawish was satisfied with that, then you are wrong. Folks at Shawish put on their creative hats once again and created yet another expensive creation, this time the world’s most expensive USB key. A part of its ultra-luxe Magic Mushroom collection, the USB key is set entirely in gemstones and glittering diamonds. One fantastic creation, this gem-studded Magic Mushroom USB key what I call a high-end piece of high-tech jewelry.
Update – The prices depend on the stones and the materials. Magic Mushroom USB Key in white gold, white diamonds, and emeralds will cost CHF 33,982 ($36,900). Magic Mushroom USB Key in yellow gold, rubies, and white diamonds will cost CHF 22,436 ($24,400). Magic Mushroom USB Key in pink gold, pink sapphires, and white diamonds will cost CHF 15,243 ($16,500).

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Shaped like a mushroom, its design aims to take us back to our childhood days of wonder. When I first looked at the sparkly creation set in pink and yellow gold, I could not help but think of Alice in Wonderland.
For Mohamed Shawesh, the creator of Shawish jewellery, “To associate it (mushroom design) to a USB key, which is today the symbol by excellence of Youth, makes a lot of sense.” The diamonds on this glittering mushroom stick weigh 9.18 carats in totality while the rubies weigh 11.34 carats in totality and the sapphires weigh 11.34 carats in totality. Oh, and just in case it matters, the USB key has a storage capacity of 32 GB.
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