XFX HD 5970: World’s most powerful graphics card for sale on eBay

If you are a gadget freak, you had better pay attention to this. XFX HD 5970, the world’s most powerful and expensive graphics card, is actually up for auction on eBay! What is more interesting is the fact that the graphics card s not even released yet! So my concern mainly is not about how this gadget was acquired but how authentic it is. However, the auction has generated a lot of interest, and the bids have risen greatly from a starting price of $50,000 to an unbelievable $1,000,000! Here are some interesting details about the card given by its seller on the eBay page: I don’t have a box, packaging, user manuals, or even drivers, but I am sure they will be released online soon. It does come with a pretty awesome GUN CASE, though. The seller is also offering the following items with this expensive card:
3x MiniDP (Male) to DP (Female) adapter
1x MiniDP to HDMI Dongle
2x MiniDP to SL-DVI Dongle
1x ATi CrossFire Bridge
1x Black Edition Overclocking Tool.

I would definitely like to see the final winning bid that this highly anticipated card fetches. Until then, keep bidding.