XGolf brings the ultimate golf simulation experience to the U.S.

With over 3000 worldwide installations in 12 years, XGOLF has proved themselves to be an impressive and trustworthy company. Having recently expanded into the United States market, the reviews so far have been positive. Consumers worldwide are impressed with the company’s one of a kind features and realistic simulations. Two of their most popular simulators are the XGOLF Pro Golf simulator and the i2 Golf simulator. What makes these two simulators unique from other ones on the market is XBALL and XPLATE.

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XBALL funnels golf balls into the automatic feeding system, automatically tees up the ball and also remembers each golfers preferred tee height. XPLATE makes the experience incredibly realistic with its 3D modeled fairway and green, it can also be manually adjusted. Both of these simulators feature an in, out, middle and impact sensors that ensure that your golfing experience is as authentic as the real thing.

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Starting at $43,000 up to $58,000, the simulators can be upgraded to a premium package of $11,000 for an XPLATE and 2 Hi-Speed video capture programs or $8,000 for Xbalance. This simulation is so realistic it almost eliminates the need to step out onto the green.
[XGolf Simulator – xGolf Pro and xGolf i2]