X-pointer in 18K real gold will dazzle at presantations

One more functional gadget gets luxurious so that rich folks can flaunt their riches even at work. When you’ve got a gold phone (may be studded with diamonds too), a pricey limited edition note book too then X-pointer made of 18K gold will be the next thing to get your nod. King Midas at Chois Technology has upgraded this presentation tool to add some more panache to your dominating poise. It functions as a remote control, a wireless mouse, a laser pointer and a portable storage device. When using Powerpoint, it allows for seamless presentations. Supporting a range of up to 100m, it allows you walk about your audience and conduct your presentation with dexterously.

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This glossy X-pointer includes nano silver material and 1GB of memory into the USB dongle. It is priced at about $215.