Xtensor claims to cure BlackBerry Thumb too

Broken marriages, crashed cars, sore thumbs, insomnia, and some of the consequences most of the smartphone users are facing. But those smart folks who own a Blackberry are prone to fall a victim to one more ‘exclusive’ painful syndrome – BlackBerry Thumb. Also dubbed as the Crackberry, the phone is believed to compel its users to check messages constantly. However, there seems to be a solution for this disorder too as Xtensor claims to help rehabilitate habitual gamers as well as CrackBerry addicts. The product site says that it is the first product on the market to perform with true bio-mechanically correctness and treats the direct cause of this pain. It uses elastic bands attached to the tips of your fingers to provide resistance when extending them. It works quickly to develop the strength and endurance of the Finger Extensor Muscles providing the necessary stabilizing effects to reduce the risk of all the painful fingers, wrists, and elbow complaints. So instead of reducing the activity of your fingers on your cell phones or keyboards, you can give them some strength training with this latest fitness device exclusively designed for them.

Opt for one in blue or yellow for $40 and get help for your addiction.