125 year old sherry will retail for $11,000 per bottle!

It’s not very often that you come across a spirit that’s actually older than your grandparents, but today’s your lucky day. Spanish winemaker Barbadillo, has produced a limited edition series of Amontillado Sherry which is 125 years old. Production of Versos 1891 is limited to just 100 bottles and was produced from a barrel that belonged to a former director of the company, Manuel Barbadillo. The price of each bottle is an astonishing £8,000 (That’s over US$11,000 at today’s exchange rate!)

Tim Holt, area director for the UK and Asia-Pacific for Barbadillo, told The Drinks Business, “We felt we wanted to do something special with one of the older Sherries we have. We have a few single cask Sherries ageing quietly away and they’re wonderful treasures and we felt we should do something with one of them and this particular one belongs in the family reserve.”

Holt called the drink concentrated, full, rich and nutty. The sherry has been bottled in handblown crystal decanters shaped like inkwells and packaged in a box of Spanish leather made in Ubrique in the Sierras, supposedly home to some of Spain’s best tanners.

Sherry may not be a traditionally luxe drink, but Holt hopes to change that idea. ‘The concept of ‘luxury’ Sherry – ‘luxury in the sense of exquisite quality and also only obtainable to a few – is new,” he said. “I hope it will be a game changer for us as a company and the region as a whole. In many ways, as well as a commercial proposition, it’s a philosophy of ours with regards quality and I hope it will encourage other Sherry producers to do something similar. This is a chance for ourselves and the market to re-evaluate Sherry as a world class wine. This is one of the great wine regions of the world and hopefully this is a wake-up call to that fact.”

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