2 Chainz and Diplo tell the world what it’s like to drink $100k bottled water

Considering GQ’s web series is titled ‘Most Expensive Sh*t’ we aren’t generally surprised by the products they cover and their attached opulent price tags, but this $100,000 bottled water did have our jaws drop a few inches. We know that Beverly Hill 9OH2O is luxury water producing house and has its water crafted and then curated by water sommelier (yes, that’s a thing!) Martin Riese, who happens to be the only one of his profession in America, before it’s bottled and sold; but this super extravagant natural resource takes the brand to a whole new level of fine dining and luxury.

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The bottled water is fresh spring water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains which has been infused with extra minerals like calcium, silica and potassium to make it extremely healthy; all of which also give it a natural fruity flavor. The water is not so much the money maker as is the 14-karat diamond encrusted white gold bottle cover and 4 Baccarat crystal glasses that come with it. The diamond capped bottle and crystal glasses come encased in a hard silver suitcase along with Beverly Hills 9OH2O other waters – a bottle from the Luxury collection and one from the Lifestyle collection – and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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You can watch the GQ webisode that features rapper 2 Chainz and music producer Diplo here.

So much for water being a natural resource and freely available to all! It’s a good thing diamonds cannot be added to oxygen.

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