5 chefs, from across the world can cook together using the Collaborative Cooking Machine and Internet

Like any other gourmand, those living in Tokyo must’ve been thrilled at the news of Noma travelling to the city’s Mandarin Oriental next year. And we were happy for them. But what if I were to tell you that Chef René Redzepi could just as well get there early, or to any other part of the world? Like yours, for instance! Before you rubbish my theories, let me tell you that a) they’re not mine (although I wish) and b) there’s now such a thing as the Collaborative Cooking Project.

Addressing both a) and b), the Collaborative Cooking Machine has been developed by Petter Johansson of PJADAD, the experimental studio (of course!) Christian Isberg (who you must know for his kickass graphic design work with “Internet; Art; Electricity; Installations; Books; Machines; Mechanics; Products”), chef Carl Berglöf, and web whiz Lasse Korsgaard. And why, is something best answered when you ask yourself this question- “Do we really need to go to expensive restaurants and meet famous chefs in order to have a stimulating dialogue about food and cooking?”

Part of the Swedish interactive digital project, the machine allows up to five chefs to prepare a meal together regardless of their location. (One person must load up the machine though.) And while this does mean Michelin star quality food after a wait of 10 to 20 hours (yes, that’s how long a cooking session can last), it’s a bit hard to imagine five super chefs in sync and at work together. Still, the fact that it’s possible is amazing in itself. Chefs choose the ingredients (up to 35), heat and stirring. And when one participant performs an action, a lamp lights up and a receipt is printed. This last bit leads to an archive of steps being stored physically and digitally, thus, making it easy for anyone to recreate the process. We get that this might be a tad hard to picture, which is why, we have a video for you as well.

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