$75 for a latte – This San Francisco shop is selling the most expensive coffee in the world

If you are a coffee connoisseur and are keen to savour the priciest cup of coffee, visit the Bay Area in San Francisco. After the world’s most expensive coffee was sold in Dubai, San Francisco’s roasting company Klatch Coffee Roasters is getting ready to take over the title.

With one location in the Bay Area and several locations in Southern California, the company is splitting 10-pounds of the super exclusive Elida Geisha 803 which costs $803 a pound wholesale.

“It’s a unique coffee that comes from Panama. It’s by far better than any of the coffee you hear about that comes from animals,” says Bo Thiara, co-owner of Klatch’s Northern California location.

If you’re imagining this coffee to be embedded with gold, let me hit refresh. Made from cat-like mammals that are fed the beans and then pooped out, the coffee gains its taste from the process. An auction was held and the Elida Geisha 803 was auctioned off to buyers all over the world. Klatch is now the proud owner of 10 pounds out of the auctioned 100 pounds of coffee.

“This coffee is not over roasted like what you get at other places. It’s roasted how coffee used to be roasted back in the day.” Says Thiara.

Beginning May 11th, Klatch will be presenting this rare breed of coffee at their Bay Area location.

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