A Brooklyn restaurant is serving a $100 doughnut covered with gold flakes

We’ve seen our share of decadent desserts here at LL, but recently a luxe take on the humble doughnut has made us sit up and take notice. A Brooklyn restaurant called the Manila Social Club has created a $100 doughnut topped with 24-karat gold flakes. But that’s not all, the mousse and jelly filled treat also includes Cristal champagne in its icing.

The Gold-Ube donut was a special festive offering from the Filipino restaurant that’s famous for Ube Bae doughnuts that are made from purple yams. The gilded confection is stuffed with an ube mousse and Cristal champagne jelly and while the gold coat may be a bit OTT, restaurant owner Björn DelaCruz told FirstWeFeast that the decision to add Cristal was organic.
“The reason I chose Cristal over another type of champagne is because Cristal has really great honey notes which goes great with ube (purple yam). For me, it’s shiny and it’s golden, but it comes together to create a really great doughnut, as crazy as that sounds. There was a time when I was eating this doughnut while drinking Cristal, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is a great combo!’” he said.
Though initially a festive special, this item is now a regular on the menu, so the next time you’re in Brooklyn, save room for dessert!

[ Via : Firstwefeast ]

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