A limited luxury ice shaver for the fluffiest ice shavings you could imagine

Every family has that one utility tool that is handed down generations and is prized and rare and not easily reproducible. The Kai luxury ice shaver is something of the sort. While shaving ice can be done using unconventional and crude techniques as well, this high-end piece of equipment is something that decorates the proposition of enjoying ice preparations. Kai House is known to dish out products that are not your regular crop. So, this ice shaver will be a limited quantity product with only 1,000 units produced, each selling for about 15,000 Yen ($136).

What does this exquisite shaver do? It makes you a bowl full of soft, fluffy ice shavings with a texture that is consistent and as good as one can find in departmental stores that sell frozen foods. It leverages a typical gear that sets it apart from the conventional steering wheel enabled ice shaver. This gear enables the blade to cut thinner sheets of ice and thus a more consistent texture.

Not everyone will truly appreciate the need for fluffy and soft ice preparations. Neither do us. We’re still looking at it as a perfect hand-it-down of the future.

[ Via : Kai-Group ]

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