A tour company will let you dive to the Titanic and enjoy a wine-paired dinner that was once served on the ship

While a Titanic replica is on its way of being created, nothing will ever match the pleasure of being able to see the iconic ship (or it’s now submerged wrecks) first hand. Going by the same ethos, a travel company called Cookson Adventures is all set to offer connoisseurs a one of its kind dive and dine experience that will carry takers to the wrecks of the ship and treat them to an exotic dinner by its side.

As part of the experience, guests will dive to the ruins of the Titanic (3,800 meters below sea level on the bed of the Atlantic) along with a professional researcher who will guide them throughout the sojourn and provide them a detailed tour of the ship. They will then be treated to a first-class dinner – a unique a recreation of the lavish 10-course dinner that was originally enjoyed by passengers before the disastrous iceberg collision on the night of 14 April 1912. The scrumptious spread will include oysters, filet mignons, foie gras, roasted squab and Consommé Olga amongst a series of other delicacies.

The dinner spread will also be accompanied with the best of wines such as Madeira wine from 1912, a Château d’Yquem, a Château Cheval Blanc as well as a bottle of the 1907 Heidsieck Gout Champagne. Commenting on the experience, Thomas Delande, spokesperson for Melchior Club by Wine Source said, ‘The Titanic was the embodiment of luxury, when it set sail in 1912, and the ability to recreate the masterpiece that was the evening meal, with paired vintage wines appropriate to this feast is an incredible culinary feat’. While there’s no official word on the prices, the experience is bound to cost you thousands and more!


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