Ace French Chef Alain Ducasse ditches meat for duck and largely vegetarian meals

It was by no accident that French Chef Alain Ducasse earned 33 Michelin stars, more than nearly any other chef. While the staple of French haute cuisine typically consists of beef and steak au poivre, food deity Alain Ducasse is trading off meat and cream for mortals. Chef Alain Ducasse has decided to go au naturel by removing meat from the menu of his three-star Parisian restaurant in the luxury Plaza Athénée Hotel. The restaurant that had been closed for the renovation will reopen this month to serve dishes centered on fish, organic and largely vegetarian meals.

“The planet has increasingly rare resources so we have to consume more ethically, more fairly,” Chef Ducasse was quoted as saying. The new menu will include black rice cooked in the oven with shellfish, calamari and octopus; Mediterranean monkfish mixed with bulgur wheat and Anjou grown quinoa and seafood. According to the chef, sugar, butter and cream will be used as sparingly as possible.

Despite Ducasse’s emphasis on humbler and simpler varieties, meals will not come cheap and will set diners back €380 ($491) excluding drinks. Chef Ducasse is the head of more than twenty restaurants worldwide, including three with three Michelin stars that bear his name.

[Via – The-Guardian]

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